Technology is the future, but it is also making the future a little more painful. Long hours spent in front of computers without the proper equipment could lead to uncomfortable issues like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Luckily, industry leaders are introducing new and innovative pieces of technology that allow workers to remain productive without adding extra stress to the body.

At this year’s South by Southwest Interactive Event happening in Austin from March 9-12, Contour Design, Inc. will introduce their RollerMouse Red to make it more convenient than ever to work on the computer.

This product uses Contour Design’s 7SENSEStracking technology to revolutionize the way a cursor works. Instead of reaching for a mouse and experiencing friction when trying to move the cursor, this rollerball moves seamlessly and allows for extreme accuracy.

Whether you are constantly scrolling or use multiple monitors, this device allows you to easily move between computer functions without putting strain on your arm or wrist.

Every control that you need is located in the center of the computer, which means much less reaching and less clicking throughout the day. RollerMouse Red already won the Red Dot Design award in 2013 for its sleek aesthetic appeal.

Contour Design will be at booth 1034 at the South by Southwest Interactive Show to give the public a first-hand look at how the RollerMouse Red and the RollerMouse Red Plus improve the experience of working on a computer.

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