But didn’t we already know Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were kind of superheroes?
A Columbia Pictures press release announced Friday that the charismatic duo, who play Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man film series, are backing two projects on Earth Hour Blue, a platform run by WWF. Earth Hour allows people from varied backgrounds and countries to support projects that help the environment. This confirms what we already suspected: they’re basically awesome.
Garfield and Stone promoting their WWF charities. Media credit to JustJared.com

Garfield and Stone promoting their WWF charities. Media credit to JustJared.com

Andrew Garfield is supporting the project “A Flame Called Hope”, which provides clean bio-gas to communities in Nepal. Emma Stone is supporting “Puppy Protectors”, a project that trains dogs to, among other things, sniff out illegal trade items and help catch poachers. The project is also based in Nepal.
The spidery crusader is already at the center of a push for environmental reform. Spider-Man himself was recently announced as the first superhero ambassador for Earth Hour, and the director of the upcoming film The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Marc Webb, is also a supporting a project, “Power Up a Ranger”, which provide better equipment to WWF rangers in Indonesia. The film itself boasts being carbon-neutral.
By including the hero in the fight against environmental destruction, WWF is making going green fun, especially for the next generation. A group of Nepali children recently sent Andrew Garfield a message saying “I love you Spider-Man”.
We love you too, Spidey. You and your friends keep up the good work!

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