Simply put, Magic Man is a band to be seen. Although their newly released EP You Are Here may sound somewhat calm and sleepy at times, the band is anything but. Hailing from Boston, MA, Magic Man has made quite the name for themselves in the last two years. Currently, the band is touring with New Politics on their Harlem, USA tour, and they’ve also secured spots at both Boston Calling and the Firefly music festival this summer.

Magic Man was first started in 2010 by childhood friends Alex Caplow (vocals) and Sam Vanderhoop Lee (guitars and keyboards.) Since then, they’ve added Daniel Radin on bass, Justine Bowe on Keyboard, and Joey Sulkowshi on drums. Together, they’ve created a dynamic EP, where each song is both powerful and compelling. The music is earnest, the lyrics heartfelt, and the overall tone of their music verges on nostalgic.

Media credit to Magic Man

Media credit to Magic Man

On January 27th, Magic Man played at the Sinclair with New Politics and Sleeper Agent. Being from Boston, they were clearly very comfortable with the crowd that night.  Often calling out to a responsive crowd, the band seemed in their element from the very beginning. Their set included every song from their EP—beginning with “Nova Scotia.” This song is much more alternative than the rest of the album, but serves as a great opener.

One of the better songs was “Texas,” where Caplow’s vocals shone. The upbeat song brought a little summer into the dead of Boston’s winter. The song is reminiscent of bands like The Naked and Famous or the synth-pop of artists such as Passion Pit.

The set ended with the ever compelling “Paris.” It was a perfect end to the performance. The yearning lyrics are only made more powerful with the energetic, melodious instrumentals. While the lyrics aren’t exactly reflective of the pace of the song, somehow the combination works. It’s an emotional song that brings you along for the ride.

Magic Man will be playing Boston Calling in May. Media credit to

Magic Man will be playing Boston Calling in May. Media credit to



Even though I ought to be as objective as possible, it’s difficult to do so with these guys. Personally, I’ve been rooting for the band since I first heard You Are Here last year. It’s a beautiful EP that promises so much more with their future album. This was the type of performance that would leave you smiling at the end simply from the energy in the room. Their inclusion on multiple festival lineups this year is promising, and hints at future successes.

Keep an eye out for their first full length album, released by Columbia records later this year. I personally do hope that it will show a bit more variety on a track by track basis, but if the EP is any indication, the record is sure to be mesmerizing.




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