Fitbit is offering refunds and replacements for its latest wearable fitness device after some users complained of skin irritation.

Reports of rashes arose in December on the company’s forum, where several users claimed to have an “allergic reaction” to the device.

The Fitbit Force came out in October for about $130.  Users wear this gadget on their wrists to track how much exercise they do throughout the day.  The device then relays statistics to an app on their smartphones in real time.

Fitbit has addressed the skin irritation problem, saying it is aware of the issue.

“Our customers are our top priority, so we already have been taking steps to make this right with any customers who feel that they have an allergy related to their Fitbit device including offering a refund or a choice of a replacement tracker,” the company said in a statement to Consumerist. “Fitbit will handle all shipping costs and will provide a refund in any difference in price.”

Dermatologist Dr J. Todd Williams told Engadget the most likely cause of the rashes was a build-up of moisture and bacteria, which can result from constantly wearing the device.

Fitbit does not plan to recall the Force.

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