Since his skiing fall on December 29, Michael Schumacher has been in a coma in a hospital in Grenoble. The German Formula One star was on the slopes in the French Alps when he hit his head on a rock.

His management just announced that Schumacher ‘s condition has improved from critical to stable. The 45-year-old is still in a coma, but Sabine Kehm, his manager, says that “Michael’s family is very happy and confident with the work of the team of doctors treating Michael, and they trust them completely. Michael’s condition is still considered as stable.”

The management team continues to stress, however, that the public should not believe any information about Schumacher’s condition unless it comes from his doctors.

Although the well-known driver was wearing a helmet when he fell, the impact was so hard that it split the headpiece in two. Schumacher has a wife Corinna, and teenage kids.

Before retiring from Formula One Racing in 2012, he earned more titles than any other driver.

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