In a few months, Iced Earth is about the launch their Worldwide Plague Tour to support their soon to be released album: Plagues of Babylon. The North American leg of the tour will be starting on April 4 at Grand Rapids, MI and will end at Oklahoma City, OK on April 16. The band will be touring with supporting acts Sabathon and Revamp. 

Iced Earth is a band from Tampa, FL with eleven albums in their discography including soon to be released Plagues of Babylon.  The band was formed by the guitarist and songwriter Jon Schaffer and was originally named Purgatory. The line up of the band changed around in time; it is currently comprised of Schaffer, guitarist Troy Seele, vocalist Stu Block, bassist Luke Appleton, and drummer Raphael Saini.  Schaffer being a self-made man, fought hard to create this band. Schaffer even designed the current logo of the band in his graphic arts class.

Iced Earth. Media credit goes to Justin Borucki.

Iced Earth. Media credit goes to Justin Borucki.

Although the band can be called a heavy metal band, their music includes trash, power and progressive metal, forming the perfect genre for metal audience. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Schaffer said, “For us, we’re a metal band. We can have everything from Pink Floyd emotions and melancholy passages to Slayer and everything in between. “

The lyrical concepts of their songs are mainly about history, fantasy, literature and films.  Although the band uses the loudness of metal music to release their power kept within, they also made some “emotional” songs reflecting the reality. This emotional side can be easily seen in songs like “Ghost of Freedom” and “Watching over Me”.  In these songs, Iced Eart make great use of harmony over heavy riffs to create the very right atmosphere.

The North American release date for the upcoming album is 21st of January, however, the complete album has been made available on Spotify.  The track list includes 13 songs (including the outro) and last for 62 minutes.

The early release of the songs has successfully proved that the upcoming tour will be awesome. If you call yourself a metal head, then you should definitely see the upcoming show at the Palladium on April 19th. The band will also be supported by a New England metal band chosen through Break Thru’s Battle for Metal Fest. Tickets can be bought at the band’s web site. There is also a VIP package available. This package includes early entry to the venue, meet & greet, signing session and photo-op with the band, a 7″ picture disk vinyl with one exclusive, unreleased demo from the album, Iced Earth messenger bag , VIP laminate, VIP shirt, and VIP sticker set.

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