As the year comes to a close, everyone starts looking to see what will be new and exciting in 2014.  The world of social media is no different.  While giants like Facebook and Twitter will continue to rule the social networking world, there are also some new sites to look out for.


This site allows users to post secrets or thoughts anonymously through the use of pictures with bold quotes at the top, a lot like memes.  It has a serious and thought-provoking sentiment with people posting comments they normally wouldn’t say in public.  Users can provide support or respond to one another anonymously.

In the 18 months since it began, has hit 3 billion page views a month – definitely a site to watch out for in the New Year.

2. Impossible

This new social networking site by Lily Cole is based on the principle of gift exchange.  It lives up to its idealistic premise by not allowing any money to change hands through the site.  Users simply post wishes and are answered with gifts.  For instance, someone might wish for more motivation to exercise and be answered with encouraging statements from other users.

Users can respond to a wish-fulfillment with a thank you post.  These thank-you’s are recorded on the user’s profile for all to see their generosity.

3. Nextdoor

Backed by Google and Amazon, is a community-based app.  It allows users within a defined community to make or request recommendations for everyday services, share neighborhood news and sell or loan items.  It is the modern day equivalent of a block party.

4. Medium

The brainchild of Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, Medium is a long-form blogging platform.  The aspect that makes it unique is an algorithm that helps identify the best posts on the site.  It is open to public submissions with many of the best minds in technology, design and culture writing for it.

5. Flock

No, it’s not the defunct social media-based web browser. A new, do-good approach to social media is arising in 2014, and it’s called Flock. Flock appeared in the fall and promises to: “Solve the World’s Problems by Becoming the Solution. We’re Greater Together.” The site is the brainchild of Zachary Hamilton, a former substitute teacher and Air Force tech.

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Aneri Pattani is a Blast correspondent and journalism student at Northeastern University

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