Dockem iProp (Silver)

Dockem iProp (Silver)

You’ve been on a flight for a few hours when you suddenly realize you dozed off, and worst of all, your head has now slipped onto the shoulder of the stranger next to you.  You awkwardly apologize, try to hide your drool and wonder how you’re going to make it through the rest of this flight next to this person.

We’ve all been there.  Luckily, the new iProp by Dockhem provides a great solution to the airplane sleep issue.  This device is a stand for E-readers and tablets that doubles as a travel pillow and extra bag.  One side functions as a tablet stand, allowing you to watch movies and read books, while the other side is a comfy pillow, so you can take a nap when your entertainment is finished

The iProp holds any device less than 17mm thick, which includes iPads, Galaxy tablets, Kindles and many more.  The flexible bean bag bottom allows you to position your device at any angle.  The back can also be unzipped to provide storage space for headphones and chargers.

Next time you’re traveling, be sure to prevent your head from ending up on that kind stranger’s shoulder; get the iProp.

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