Getting gifts for your parents can be a difficult task.  What type of present says “thank you for raising me”?  Really nothing.  But there are still some great ways to show your appreciation.

1. Restaurant gift certificates

Give your parents a chance to have date night by giving them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

2. Wall calendar made with family photos

Parents love sentimental gifts.  Go through all your old pictures and make a calendar full of memories.  They’ll love to hang it on their wall and reminisce throughout the year.

3. Spa treatments

Mom and dad deserve a little pampering for all the work they do.  Treating them to a spa treatment is the perfect way to say thank you.

4. Breakfast basket

Fill a basket with gourmet coffees and pastries and surprise your parents on Christmas morning.

5. Art

While decorative art can fall on the expensive end of the gift-giving spectrum, you can find some reasonable pieces with some hunting.  It’s a great gift for parents who are constantly remodeling and decorating.

6. Magazine subscription

Does your mom love gardening more than anything?  Get her a subscription to Fine Gardening.  Is your dad obsessed with the latest gadgets?  Get him a subscription to Popular Electronics.

7. Prepare a meal

For all the dinners your mom made for you, pay her back by preparing a nice meal.  Set the table and serve it hot off the stove.  She’ll appreciate it more than you know!

8. Tickets to a concert, play, comedy show, etc.

Find a reunion tour of a band your parents liked when they were young.  Or get them tickets to a Broadway musical you know they’d enjoy.

9. Netflix subscription

If your parents are movie or TV show junkies, this is the perfect gift.  Pay for a year-long subscription to Netflix and let them indulge their addictions.

10. Power tool

When it comes to dads, and even some moms, you can really never go wrong with a power tool. Cordless, battery-powered tools are a great option, but they cost a bit more. You want to go with a high-powered battery option if you go this route. For our money, we chose the Milwaukee M-18 series. You can get a drill, sawzall, circular saw, and others, and they all use the same, extremely powerful batteries.

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