The show invited a young and diverse crowd who were on their feet singing along with Lupe with each song he performed. In general, the audience was energetic and enthused, from the first performance all the way through to the encore.

I was fortunate enough to have the backstage/VIP experience through one of Lupe’s crewmembers. Every person that we met was more than welcoming and accommodating; we were invited backstage, and also met with Lupe.  It was great to see how humble and down-to-earth Lupe is as a person, and how grateful he was towards everyone who was there to support him.

The sound and performance were amazing. Embodying high-energy, Lupe had his fans dancing and singing from start to finish. The sound radiated clear and evenly throughout the entire venue from the front row to the third level balcony. Lupe was engaging as he talked to his fans throughout his show, connecting with folks one on one as they called out to him.  He also included a suave serenade to all of his female fans in the front row, from where he proceeded to acknowledge many of them individually.

All in all, I would highly recommend seeing shows at the House of Blues.  And hands-down, Lupe is a great, live performer who really worked the intimate venue and Bostonian crowd.

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