In the West, we sometimes forget that there’s a whole big world out there. And that, apparently, it’s crazy. Take the Taliban, for instance. They’re constantly reaching out to find new members, and as part of their delightful PR methods, they’ve got magazines detailing all the great ways a person can spread seasonal hate and terror.


Especially if they are equipped with the ultimate “Steed of War” in the war against the infidels, the Honda CG125! This amazing machine, which has been around since the mid-70’s, is a cheap, durable, and (best of all) customizable beast that can serve all your crazy, war-mongering needs in a hurry according to the Taliban-published magazine, Azan.

As the photo spread tells readers, “All Praise is due to Allah Who has made the Crusaders flee with a humilating defeat at the hands of the Mujahideen who have so little resources compared to them. We, the Mujahidin, have won the war with HONDA 125s valued at around $700.”

$700? That’s good value! Especially when you add a woolen blanket that’s perfect for storing rockets and ammo while providing more comfort to the passenger’s rear. Add a double-sided bag, which is “essential for all of the mujahideen” to store “personal items, small military items, and (best of all) puncture tools”!

Particularly tech-savvy members of the organization can custom fit an MP3 player to the bike as well. They claim this is to listen to the audible version of the Qur’an, but we’d like to imagine they’re getting jiggy with it on those long desert rides.

Tourists might want to take note that apparently part of the driver’s outfit “usually” includes “an AK-47 and his pouch which includes 4 magazines and 4 grenades”. Useful passengers come equipped with an RPG-7/PK as their primary weapon and the oft-loved AK-47. Spiffy. Nothing deals with traffic quite so well as a rocket-propelled grenade.

What we’ve really taken from this article is the general layout style of the article, which tells us that even West-hating magazine publishers are still reading Wired and Maxim. We’re sure that in the latter case, it’s purely for the articles.

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