Every biker has been there. You’re almost at the end of your route and then boom, you’re met by a big hill. If only you had a a little extra oomph to power you through. Meet the Copenhagen Wheel, an upcoming invention that aims to change the way you bike.

Put simply, the Copenhagen Wheel replaces the existing back wheel on your bike and combined with your smart phone stores energy to move you along when you just can’t do it yourself. Developed at MIT, the Copenhagen captures your energy when you brake or go downhill and then stores it for when your really need it.

The majority of The Copenhagen’s technology is stored in its red center and thanks to the addition of wireless technology, The Copenhagen can also be used to calculate fitness goals or even as a GPS for you or your friends. The Copenhagen is now available for pre-order at Superpedestrian.com, be warned though it’s a bit pricey at $700.

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