We salute you, Paul Walker. You made cars cool for a new generation, despite never getting the credit you deserved as an actor. Your smile, eyes, and six-pack will never be forgotten sure, but you were in more than just “Fast and Furious” flicks. Here are our five favorites.

5. Joy Ride (2001), I was reminded of Hitchcock movies when I first watched Joy Ride, a thriller that built the tension, not just hack everyone to pieces horror flick. Walker was great but sadly never seemed to re visit that genre again.

4. The Skulls (2000), look this movie really sucks but I watched it all the time when it came out. Josh Jackson (of Mighty Ducks fame) was in it, secret societies, weird college life and Paul W playing a character with the whitest name I’ve ever seen, Caleb Mandrake, how could I not love it!

3. Varsity Blues (1999), I’ve already covered why I love this movie but let me recap; sports, strippers, whipped cream and Dawson.

2. Fast Five (2011), Walker is a full fledged bad ass in this one, no longer working for the cops just living the life as an outlaw. Incredible action sequences, better car chases and the rock looking like he could eat a horse and crap out two ponies.

1. The Fast and the Furious (2001), yes folks the original. I saw this one in the theater twice and from there on out I was hooked. They could make 100 of these movies and I’d see them all. Sadly they will no longer be the same without Brian O’ Conner.

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