Now that Christmas is knocking on the door, it’s time to begin thinking about presents that are functional.  Whether the person for whom you are buying is new to fitness, or a fitness veteran, there is something on this list for them.  Check out these five fitness gifts for the health conscious in your life.

  1. Polar heart rate watch 2013 fitness giftsPolar Heart Rate Monitor Watches – These watches are great for people looking to track their heart rate and obtain an individualized tally of calories burned.  These are great for people who partake in circuit and HIIT training.  The watch warns you when your heart rate gets too high, or drops low, which is great for people who have dizzy spells or become nauseas.  By monitoring your heart rate during your workout, you can determine how high your heart rate can get before you hit your wall, which can assist you in building-up your tolerance and fitness level.  Different versions of this product vary in price from $69.95-$319.95 on their website.
  2. Bosu Balance Trainer 2013 fitness giftsBosu Balance Trainer – For anyone working on core, or training to maintain balance as they age, this is a perfect piece of equipment.  The balance trainer can be used for basic exercises, such as standing on it without falling off, to adding versatility to exercises.  Instead of regular push-ups, Bosu push-ups add an element of instability, strengthening the core and recruiting extra stability muscles.  This is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used by people of any age and fitness level.  These can be found for $100-$120.
  3. Kettlebell 2013 fitness giftsKettlebell – This versatile gem is great for travel, HIIT workouts, and various fitness levels.  These are great for toning and strength training, and even owning only one is a great start.  You can work your arms, legs, core, and cardio with this simple piece of equipment.  Prices on these vary, but if you can snag one at a garage sale you will be getting it for far less than it is worth!  Typically around $2 per pound is fair, anything over $2.50 is expensive.
  4. Foam roller 2013 fitness giftsFoam roller – For any level of activity foam rollers are a must.  Flexibility is important regardless of your age or training program.  Foam rollers are great for rolling out tight areas without the expense of a massage.  They are great for before and especially after a workout.  These run from $20-$40 depending on the length.
  5. Resistance bands 2013 fitness giftsResistance bands – Another great travel companion, resistance bands can be used for a total body workout, as well as muscular endurance training.  Furthermore, these are great for adding resistance to your strength training, further building muscle.  These range from $13-$37.99 based on the strength of the resistance.

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Kristen Gard is a Blast Magazine correspondent and Certified Personal Trainer. She is the founder of Ace Boot Camp in Jacksonville, N.C.

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