With the release of the PlayStation 4 on Friday and the Xbox One next week, Amazon’s fulfillment centers have been busy preparing shipments for the much anticipated release of both new consoles. The inordinate amount of new gaming hardware to be shipped is the result of two of the highest selling gaming consoles to ever be created.

To comprehend just how big the start of the new console generation is geared up to be, consider that according to Amazon’s data the combined number of pre-orders for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 is nearly twice that of video games sales on Black Friday in 2012. The sales make up one of the largest product releases in Amazon’s history, excluding only the Kindle. And that isn’t just in the video game category, but for all categories worldwide.

Alone, the PS4 has reached the eighth position in Amazon’s “Best sellers in Video Games” category and the PS4 console bundles are among Amazon’s top five most wished for items in the video game category, with the PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle and the PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 Bundle in the first and third positions, respectively.

Check out the mountains of PS4s that make up the supply for just one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers,and watch the short video showing the full warehouse and busy workers packaging the PS4s in preparation for shipping.

Are you waiting for yours?

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