Friends, a timeless sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, revolves around a group of six friends in New York City that brings the audience to laughter but also tears. A television series that was on the air from 1994-2004, it is a show like no other. Friends is a simple concept but it continues to captivate audiences even to this day.

With 10 seasons and over 200 episodes, compiling this list was not an easy task. There are countless of favorite moments that are too important to fans. Nonetheless, below is a list of what is arguably the top 10 episodes.


10) The One Where Old Yeller Dies, Season 2 Episode 10friends_episode044_337x233_032020061504

Phoebe discovered that her mom, who committed suicide, never showed her the true endings of sad movies such as Old Yeller to shield her from the pain. Ironic right? On the other hand, Monica convinced Chandler and Joey to take her boyfriend Richard to the Knicks Game and they only do so because of his sweet ride, a Jaguar. In the end they both love Richard that Chandler grows a beard and Joey starts to smoke cigars. Ross is upset, who by the way is always upset about something, that he continually misses too many of his son Ben’s moments.


9) The One Where Everyone Finds Out, Season 5 Episode 14











While Ross tries to get Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment across the street from Monica, Rachel and Phoebe have a look at the apartment and see that Monica and Chandler kiss and more. At this point, Joey is relieved that he no longer has to keep the secret but Phoebe and Rachel decides it would be fun to mess with them by having Phoebe flirt with Chandler. Eventually, Rachel and Phoebe and Monica and Chandler discover they both know that they all know and it leads to Chandler professing his love, a favorite moment for the audience. Ross, on the other hand who is still oblivious to his sister’s relationship, tries to bribe Ugly Naked Guy with muffins to get the apartment.


8) The One With Chandler In A Box, Season 4 Episode 8


Joey told Ross that he has sentenced Chandler to five years of the silent treatment, but when convinced otherwise, Joey sees Chandler and Kathy kiss again. Chandler pleads for forgiveness, saying he’ll do anything and Joey decides being locked up in a box for 6 hours is the best punishment, similar to when Joey was locked up in the television cabinet when the robbers came in. Monica, on the other hand, is preparing Thanksgiving dinner with no help and gets ice in her. Reluctant to visit her ophthalmologist who happens to be her ex-boyfriend, Monica is excited to find out it’s the on-call doctor Timothy. Monica seems like she just can’t get her hands off the Burke family.


7) The One Where Rosita Dies, Season 7 Episode 13


Rachel wants to move Joey’s armchair, Rosita, so that she has a place to sit in front of the television. Joey opposes, arguing that Rosita doesn’t want to move. Rachel decides to move it anyway and in the midst of doing so, breaks the chair. She tries to put it back together so it seems like it isn’t broken. Chandler, later on, comes in and sits on the chair and thinks he broke it so he switches Rosita with his own identical chair. The Gellers, Monica and Ross’ parents, decide to sell the house and so the two sift through old boxes reliving some childhood memories. However, Monica’s box was ruined during a flood and their parents saved Ross’ boxes but not Monica’s. The parents, instead, prove their love for their daughter by giving her the Porsche, or as Joey likes to call it “Porsche-a”


6) The One That Could Have Been, Season 6 Episode 15

Friends Special Episode The One That Could Have Been, Part One From L R: Lisa Kudrow Matthew Per

Rachel finds out that her ex-fiance and her best ex-best friend, who was Rachel’s maid of honor in season one, are getting divorced, the group ponders on possible “what-ifs?” What would life be like if Ross was still married to Carol? What if Rachel had actually married Barry? What if Phoebe had accepted a job offer at Meryl Lynch? What if Chandler become a writer for The New Yorker? What if Joey was still on Days of our Lives and what if Monica was still fat?


5) The One With The Nap Partners, Season 7 Episode 6


Although a very simplistic plot, it remains to be a hilarious episode that will always be remember. Ross and Joey decided to take a nap and they wake up to find themselves cuddling each other. They both agree it was the best nap they’ve ever had but it can never happen again, treating it like a real relationship. On the other hand, Phoebe and Rachel fight for the spot to be Monica’s bridesmaid.


4) The One With The Prom Video, Season 2 Episode 14338px-The_One_With_the_Prom_Video

Monica is tight on money and eventually, Ross convinces her to ask their parents for a loan (as if her mother needs another reason to nag on her.) Joey buys Chandler a golden bracelet as a symbol of their friendship but Chandler hates it. Ross continues to be in love with Rachel and an old home video surfaces. The video shows Rachel and Monica getting ready for the prom and Rachel’s date bails last minute. Ross decides to step up and take her and as he goes down the stairs, the camera shows Rachel leaving with her original date. While Ross’ true feelings were shown, it was a beautiful moment for Ross and Rachel.


3) The One With Phoebe’s Wedding, Season 10 Episode 12


Monica, being her usual neurotic self, drives Phoebe insane as she plans her wedding. Phoebe ultimately fires Monica as her wedding planner but only realizes that the wedding isn’t possible with Monica’s help. Chandler and Ross discovers they are the only people who aren’t involved in the wedding and do anything to have a spot. Unfortunately, a giant blizzard comes in and ruins the event but Phoebe and Mike then decides to get married on the street outside. They set up some chairs, lights and under the moonlight and snow; Phoebe and Mike are married by Joey. It was a beautiful ceremony that brought tears.


2) The One With The Proposal


Joey, Phoebe and Rachel all attend a charity dinner at which Joey bids at a silent auction. What he thought was a game and you guess the price, Joey buys a boat for $20,000. However, the big pivotal moment in this episode is when Chandler proposes to Monica. Initially, it was going to be at the restaurant but as fate would have it, Monica’s ex boyfriend Richard turns up with his date and they all have dinner together. Chandler obviously can’t propose but wants it to remain as a surprise so he pretends that marriage is the absolutely last thought on his mind. This leads to Monica confiding in Richard who admits he still loves her but in the end, nothing can separate Monica and Chandler as they are destined for each other.


1) The Last One











As cliché as this is, the finale to the entire series is by far the best episode. It is the perfect summary to what was a hilarious and emotional journey of six friends and it leaves the audience crying. No one wants to see the show ends but it can’t go on forever. In the series finale, Ross and Phoebe race to the airport to convince Rachel not to move to Paris. Phoebe calls Rachel and convinces her that there is something wrong with “the left phalange.” This concerns the other passengers and they all get off as they prepare to re-board the plane. Rachel rushes back home and she and Ross get back together. On a lighter note, Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. are stuck inside a foosball table and Monica’s solution to getting them out is to break the table. The episode sums up with Monica’s empty apartment, and together as a family, they head down to Central Perk for one last cup of coffee.

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