Apple is rolling out some big, and some not-so-big, changes to its iPad and iPad mini line.

The company announced today that they will start selling an assortment of fun and colorful cases for the iPad and the Mini.

The newest version of the iPad Mini has a 7.9” Retina display, which gives users the same viewing resolution as full-sized versions. It also boasts faster CPU and graphic task times.

iPad Air’s newest version is the smallest tablet yet, weighing in at only 1 pound. Don’t let the minimal size fool you, though, because this version is more powerful than ever and is bound to be a big seller for the company.

Apple also said that fans can buy the iPad Retina for $400 when it is available in November. The iPad Mini currently on the market’s price tag will drop to $300, the iPad 2 will be $400, and the iPad Air, which is 25% thinner than previous models, is available at $500 starting November 1.

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