Unbeknownst to the millions of Facebook users, the website has once again taken it upon itself to make a change that affects everyone without really asking for permission first.

Back in April, Facebook started coordinating people’s user names and email addresses so it would be easier for people, like potential employers, to search for someone on the site.

Today, Facebook took this change one step further and officially linked your profile with your @Facebook email address. If this is not the email address that you want listed underneath your contact information, then you have to actually go to your timeline and change it. Luckily, this change does not require a lot of time or effort.

Go to your timeline page and click on the “About” section. You should see an edit button underneath the contact information part. When you click on it, you will notice that your personal email account has a circle with a line through it and your @Facebook email has an open circle. You can change your real email address to the open circle and have both your email and the @Facebook email easily accessible to anyone who wants to contact you. If you do not want to use your @Facebook email at all, then you should click the circle next to it so it hides it from your timeline. Once you are done, be sure to click save so that the new settings go into effect. You will have to enter your Facebook password in order to save the changes.

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You can also add or remove email addresses or hide other contact information in this edit section so that you have control about how other people can contact you via Facebook.

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