I know we’re only potentially halfway through the 2013 ALCS so far, but seriously, how amazing has it been so far?

You don’t need to hear it again, but I have to fill 300 words to appease Google, so: One year after the worst season in recent memory and two years removed from one of the worst collapses in professional sports history, the Boston Red Sox are a pair of Lester and Buchholz wins away from returning to the World Series.

And let us not forget the other side of the coin. Returning to the ALCS and seeking revenge after losing the World Series last year.

But forget the back stories. This is just awesome baseball.

2013 ALCSHere are five takeaway points from the 2013 ALCS so far

1. Pitching still rules

Two 1-0 games. Need I say more?

The Tigers are a team of amazing pitching and a dangerous lineup. The Red Sox are a team with a dangerous lineup but some question marks in the bullpen and at the end of the rotation. So far, the Tigers haven’t surprised anyone with their pitching, and the Red Sox have simply shocked baseball fans.

And boy was I wrong about John Lackey’s image problem in Boston. After out-dueling Justin Verlander last night, all is forgiven, and fans are starting to love Lackey and forget the chicken and beer.

2. Ortiz should be a hall of famer

I’m tired of arguing this with my Yankee fan family members. If ever there was a player who passed “the eye test” it’s David Ortiz. He the most clutch player in Boston sports history, and he showed it again in Game 2.

3. Prince Fielder is a joke

$23 million. Zero runs driven in in the post season.

Prince Fielder doesn’t look dialed in or even interested at times. You have to wonder.

4. Koji is for real

Koji! Koji! Koji!

Uehara, the 38-year-old third option to be the 2013 Red Sox closer finished the regular season with a 1.09 ERA and a 101:9 strikeout to walk ratio. But there were some concerns about his performance in the playoffs, particularly after a blown save in the ALDS. But two 4-out saves later, and we’re convinced.

5. If the Red Sox want to win, they should finish it in 5

I, personally, would not want to face the Tigers 1-3 starters again. The Red Sox are batting a pathetic .133 in the ALCS and have only scored 7 runs in three games.

They have struck out 43 times. Ortiz 4. Pedroia 4. Ellsbury 4. Drew 4. Gomes 5. Napoli 6.

That’s against three starters who had 202, 217, and 240 strikeouts this year in Anibal Sanchez, Justin Verlander, and Max Scherzer.

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