RingMeMaybe AppSometimes the Internet is the only thing that can defeat the Internet.  Thanks to the RingMeMaybe app, set for release on Thursday, October 17, iOS users can now circumvent the spam associated with entering your phone number on a website.

This app can produce an infinite amount of disposable numbers that you can assign to various facets of your life. This means that you can give the guy at the bar one phone number, the people calling about the furniture you are selling a different one, and use a completely separate one for your online dating profile. The central button on the app makes it easy to create and manage a few different numbers right from your iPhone.

RingMeMaybe helps you avoid unnecessary spam on your regular phone number and even makes it easy to drop a disposable number when you no longer want to use it. So when you finally find an apartment to rent, you can disconnect the number you used during the process and complexes that try to call you will be alerted that your number is no longer in use. If you do not extend the time, all of the newly-generated phone numbers expire after a week.

The app also lets you identify unknown callers, even if they are not in your phone’s contacts and enjoy visual voicemail. You can also generate a VoIP number, which frees you from high roaming fees while using your phone abroad. With two free numbers and others that cost just 99c, you can easily overcome your fear of ever entering your phone number into a website that could potentially lead to a mountain of spammers. RingMeMaybe protects your privacy without negatively impacting your time online.

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