Pokémon X and Y are less than a month away, and the latest trailer shows even more of the game’s features, including new Pokémon forms and customization options.

The trailer shows off the four starter Pokémon’s second-stage of evolution: Chespin evolves into Quilladin, Fennekin into Braixen, and Froakie into Frogadier. As before, fossils can be restored into Pokémon such as Tyrunt and Amaura and certain Pokémon will differ in appearance based on their genders like the lion Pokémon Pyroar and feline Meowstic.

Even more Pokémon will have Mega Evolutions including Garchomp. Mewtwo will also have two different Mega Evolutions depending what version of the game you play, so who knows if we may see some stat differences like with Deoxys.

Additionally, you can customize your character with different clothing, accessories, and even hairstyles. The poodle-like Pokémon Furfrou can also be “groomed” and changed looks, so this might also lead to other Pokémon changing in appearance based on your decisions.

Pokémon X and Y release worldwide on October 12 for Nintendo 3DS.

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