Gaming on smartphones is rapidly becoming a popular pastime. With the advances in smartphone graphics and functionality, gamers are finding it easy to bring their games with them wherever they go. But with great progress comes great cost and gamers are starting to find apps that monitor data usage to be an essential part of smartphone gaming.


Onavo Count

The size of smartphone games means that they take up a lot of a gamer’s data usage time and that can get expensive. The Onavo Count app warns a gamer as his data usage gets close to his limits each month. This app can also help to identify the programs that run in the background and use a considerable amount of data as well. This will definitely help you to prevent from going over your data usage limits and paying those high overage costs.

3G Watchdog

If you want an app that takes your data usage limits as seriously as you do, then you need the 3G Watchdog app. This app asks you every comprehensive question about your data usage plan that it needs to know to keep a close eye on your limits when you first load it up. Once the app knows your data plan, you can customize it to limit your data usage and alert you when you are getting close to going over your limits. One of the features that users like about this app is the extremely detailed monitoring screen it offers to help you see your data usage. Instead of running down your data usage numbers when playing games, you should consider using a gaming friendly internet connection instead.


My Data Usage Pro

The My Data Usage Pro app offers all of the standard monitoring and warning features that come with apps such as Onavo Count and 3G Watchdog. The unique feature that this app offers is that it will give advice on how to maintain your current usage without going over your limits. The app may suggest that you stop certain other apps from running, or it can suggest how frequently you can use your favorite apps for the remainder of your month to prevent going over your limit.

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The DataMan app gives the user a comparison as to how much data he is using over his cellular network versus WiFi. This is a very comprehensive app that can give reports on how much data each individual app is running and give the user a very detailed indication as to how close he is to going over his limits. You can also choose to upgrade to a pay version of DataMan that can give hourly updates on your data usage and give regular alarms as your data usage approaches its limits.

Gamers who like the convenience of playing their games on the go are also finding data usage limits to be a challenge. Utilizing a WiFi connection will prevent you from using up your data usage limits before the month is up and still allow you to enjoy your games on your smartphone.

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