The Brits, as usual, take car reviews to another level.

In the vide above, Evo’s Jethro Bovingdon sets out winding and snaky European back roads to find out how the Porsche 911 GT3 does against competition such as the McLaren MP4-12C and the Nissan GT-R

The company claimed that this model is quick around the ring. The 991-generation GT3 is the first GT3 with electric power steering and no manual transmission option.

“I guess what we’re concerned about is what might have been lost along the way; ‘Character, involvement, or one of the better word ‘feel.’’ Bovingdon said. “But generations of 911s have been defined by their weight distribution and fantastic steering and the challenge they present to the driver.”

Bovingdon describes the noise and power as “unbelievably addictive.”

As for the McLaren 12C, it is double the price of the Porsche but is much faster.

“It is unbelievably fast. There is so much power,” Bovingdon raved. “With the handling mode in track, it’s so stiff. It feels like a proper little race car. If the GT3 gets anywhere near this thing, it will be utterly, utterly amazing.”

In Evo’s driving test, the 12C peaked at 151.7mph whereas the GT3 peaked 144.6mph but was better at braking.

So what about the Nissan GT-R?

“It’s a love-it or hate-it machine but that’s really on a point of principle rather than the reality of driving this car,” Bovingdon said. “It is obscenely fast across the ground. There still takes technique to get the best because it is relatively heavy and so powerful.”

Bovingdon wasn’t convinced that the GT3 will be faster than the Nissan but his main concern centers on the Porsche’s character and whether or not it has changed.

He said that in regards to the grip and stability of the GT3, that is similar to the GT-R but the GT3 ultimately feels more refined.

It’s difficult to say which car is the best as it comes to the drivers themselves but I guess for car enthusiasts, this one is up to you.

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