EA revealed at Gamescom that Sims 4 has been built with emotions in mind. That means your Sims’s choices, actions, and mood will all be affected by how they feel. The trailer below not only shows off how easily it is to mold and create the Sims and homes you’ve always wanted, but it also shows you some example of how their emotions can get the best of them.

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  1. thesimsfan

    The fact that the Sims 4 will feature more emotionally receptive characters will definitely make this game more realistic. This is perhaps the only feature which will make storytelling in the Sims 4 more fun and engaging. Don’t get me wrong though. The intuitive body customization features and building tools shown in the Sims 4 trailer video are also quite impressive. All in all, the trailer video look quite enticing. Hopefully, actual play will be as it has been demonstrated in the video, or even better.


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