Newly declassified CIA documents have confirmed that the piece of land about 100 miles outside of Las Vegas, manned by armed guards and notices that lethal force is approved in the area for anyone who gets to close isn’t just any old base, it’s the highly controversial and rumored Area 51.

Don’t get too excited, the documents don’t reveal anything about aliens or other wordly visitors as has been rumored for years by UFO supporters and the government has merely acknowledged that it was a testing site for the government’s U-2 and OXCART aerial surveillance programs. The U-2 program conducted surveillance around the world, including over the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

The documents, which include a map of the base’s location can be looked at as a Catch 22 to most that believe that the base is used to test and house alien spacecraft. There’s a bit of satisfaction in knowing that the CIA is finally admitting that the location exists, but a bit of research shows that the materials in the documents haven’t been that hard to find and the map comes up in a simple Google Image search for Area 51 map — and is dated 2009. In fact, the government has been admitting that some sort of base is located in the Nevada dessert but has never referred to it directly as Area 51, blacking out any mention of the name in previous documents.


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