Like any classic car, it’s never really complete. The car was given to me when my brother passed away in 2009. Before I got the car though, my mother was driving it and ended up crashing it. It’s been a little over three years now since I have been working on it and I feel like I’ve come a long way.

The 1984 Hurst Old was the last year they made this model and they only made about 3500 of them. Although this car had the same motor as a Cutlass, which was the 307 “rocket”, the transmission was very different. The company, Hurst, made basically a drag racing transmission for the motor and it came with “Lightening Rod” Shifters. Along with a different transmission, the car also came with a hood scoop, spoiler, T-Tops, red pin striping and a very unique maple red interior color.

When I received the car, it had a 403 small block and still does now. This motor is either from a late 70’s Trans Am or a late 70’s Oldsmobile. This motor is known to be very reliable and it actually gets decent gas mileage too (around 20mpg). As far as modifications to the motor, it has an Edelbrock carb, and Edelbrock performer intake manifold.

As far as future project for this car, I do have a few. I do plan to reupholster the interior, keeping it basically the same. Hopefully this fall I’ll be redoing the whole exhaust with hooker headers and 3” pipes. Next year I plan to do the suspension, but I haven’t done too much research on it yet. I’m thinking a tighter race suspension would be nice, but it might be too rough.

Enjoy the pictures and look for any updates as I keep working on it. Thanks!

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