Get ready to return to Columbia. and Rapture.

Irrational games announced today that three new pieces of Downloadable Content is headed to Bioshock Infinite, with the first, Clash in the Clouds, a challenge based combat mode,being available today. Sometime in the future, players will get Burial at Sea, a two part story based download that returns players to the roles of Booker and Elizabeth but this time they’ll be in a noire style story based in Rapture, the underwater setting of the first two games.

Burial at Sea, which will also let players assume the role of Elizabeth takes place on December 31 1958, the day before Rapture’s untimely collapse.  “It’s really a story of Booker and Elizabeth again, but set against the backdrop of pre-fall Rapture,” Ken Levine, Bioshock’s creator and Executive Producer told IGN, “and to have an extended period in pre-fall Rapture without combat, where you’re just living in the space, like you got to sort of live in Columbia at the beginning of the game. Which nobody has ever been able to do before, with those systems and that technology. My favorite BioShock quest is actually in that part, with no combat. He meets an old friend from BioShock 1. Not a very nice friend, but a friend. And in the second half, it takes place in a department store, a Fontaine department store that’s been shuttered and sunk to the bottom of the ocean by Ryan after he takes over. All of Fontaine’s cronies are put into that department store, so that place has gone to hell. It’s very traditional BioShock 1. They’re all spliced up down there. They’re all crazy. You get this mix of pristine Rapture and a very traditional Rapture experience, in a pretty organic story.”

No release date has been given for Burial at Sea, but Clash in the Clouds is available today on Xbox Live, PSN and Steam.

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