One month ago Fez 2, the sequel to the highly succesful Xbox Live indie platformer was announced. Today it was canceled.

Wait. What?

Phil Fish, creator of Fez and what would have been the sequel announced this morning that the game is canceled and that he’s done in the gaming industry, and though the highly outspoken developer says that the cancelation isn’t as a result of one specific event and more of the state of the industry, the news comes on the heels of a very public Twitter argument with GameTrailers host Marcus “AnnoyedGamer” Beer.

Though Fish’s Twitter is no secured, the argument stemmed from Beer calling Fish a Hipster and lambasting him for not commenting on the Xbox One Policy that did not let indie devs self publish on the new console. Fish got angry, said he was waiting for more information before commenting. Names were called, threats were made. Games were canceled.


Fish is no stranger to voicing his opinions, be them popular or not, and he’s disappeared plenty of times during the making of the original Fez — perhaps this will only be temporary.


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