Being a bridesmaid is a lot of work – you need a dress for the reception, you have to be available on certain dates for practice dinners, the bridal shower, and the bachelorette party, and let’s not forget about the fear of an ugly bridesmaid dress. But what if the bride-to-be asked you to get naked with her and her fellow bridesmaids and pose for what she promises to be a sexy boudoir photo shoot?

According to The New York Post, “boudoir photography parties” have become a growing trend in the United States; some photographers have reported a 50% increase in business in the past 5 years.

The purpose of these so-called parties is for women to not only celebrate their friendship, but their bodies as well by empowering women of all shapes and sizes.

Professional photographer, Catherine Leonard, includes hair and makeup in her prices (which ranges from $400-$500) and the shoots can be done at her New York studio or on location. During the sittings, each woman is photographed separately in lingerie, however most women opt for a group photo as well. The group photos are taken either with the women’s shirts-off or with sexy camis-on which provides a more modest look.

Two brides-to-be, Amy Blair and Jennie Richards decided to take it off for their group photo which included their sisters Shelly Blair, Jillian Richards, and friend Tara Jefferson.

“It [our session] was all about bonding and having fun with my friends,” Richards told The New York Post. “We all felt incredibly happy and beautiful. It was great because the whole point was to feel good about ourselves.”

This new trend originated from brides-to-be wanting to pose for sensual photos to give to their husbands as a wedding gift.

“A lot of girls would bring along a friend for moral support, so then we thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun if it was a whole group of people?”‘ photographer Catherine Leonard told the New York Post’s Jane Ridley. “They bring wine and food and turn it into a real celebration.”

Getting married isn’t the only reason to host a boudoir photography party. Many women are having them to celebrate milestones such as their 30th birthday, their pregnancy, or even their bodies after giving birth.

The question is what to do with those group photos?

“I’m not exactly sure what we’ll do with the print,” laughs Jennie Richards. “Maybe put it in a drawer and dig it out in 15 years and say: ‘Wow, look how young and skinny we all were!’”

Now it is your turn to chime in – would you host one of these parties and/or pose nude or semi-nude with your friends? Leave a comment below to let us know why or why not!

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