This is a strange time for fans of How I Met Your Mother, CBS’s comedy that’s left fans wondering who series lead Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor has been telling his kids about meeting. We’ve been hopeful before that we’d finally meet the mysterious mother, only to be swerved at the last-minute, but with events of this, the eighth season, and the knowledge that the show will wrap after next year — could this finally be it. Are we on the verge of meeting the woman with the yellow umbrella who plays bass?

CBS seems to want us to think so. The official promo makes it very clear that they’re ready to reveal the “mother of all secrets,” without actually saying that they’re going to introduce the mother. So what will happen when Season 8 ends this Monday night? We’ve got a few theories:

– We do in fact meet the mother, but aren’t told who she is

Let’s be honest, CBS and the show’s creative staff aren’t going to make this easy. Ted’s not going to walk in, meet the mother and live happily ever after. The season will end on a cliffhanger, and while will meet the mother, we aren’t going to know exactly who she is right away, or we see her and something stops Ted from actually meeting her. Going off what we know, that the ending will revolve around Barney and Robin’s wedding and that the mother is the bass player for the band at that wedding, it seems likely that we’ll at least get some sort of introduction of the mother.  It’s also important to note that in this season’s episode The Time Travelers, Ted went to the mother’s, dreamed of going to the mother’s…somehow we wound up at the mother’s, whatever, that episode was confusing. The point? Ole’ Shmosby says that he’s going to meet the mother in 45 days, which brings us pretty darn close to Monday’s finale.

Here’s my guess, Ted ends up hooking up with multiple girls at the wedding and one of them ends up being the mother. At the end of this season’s episode “Something Old” Ted starts to question whether his reliance on “signs” are actually signs, maybe he just goes to the wedding and has a bit too much fun, with season nine revolving around Ted trying to pick between the girls from that night.

Sound a bit far fetched? In a recent interview with TV Guide, series co-creator Craig Thomas said that the series’ finale season would feel remarkably different from previous ones. “You’re never going to mistake a Season 9 episode from one of the previous eight,” Thomas said. Could we be spending an entire season with Ted trying to identify the mother for some reason?

Or maybe…

We actually meet the mother proper

Now, I know. We’ve been down this road before. We’ve gotten our hopes up, been lied to, been swerved, but  maybe, just maybe there’s no trickery here. Maybe we are finally introduced to the mysterious woman without any trickery or wonder.

There’s almost too much evidence to ignore. He meets the mother at the wedding 45 days away from the Time Traveler’s Episode. Hell, we were even given an image of Ted, looking at a woman playing the bass..at a wedding.


We also know that HIMYM’s season nine was not confirmed until recently, and that the series writing staff has admitted to having a plan A and a Plan B. The question is which plan are we getting, and what does it entail? At this point, it feels like the show needs to make some sort of real progress towards showing us the mother, we’ve had eight whole seasons of near misses and possible encounters — will the show’s fan base take another swerve?

Maybe we get classic Ted that tries too hard and pushes the mother away, or maybe she’s not interested in him at all, and Ted spends all of Season Nine trying to impress her. He is after all the same guy who held three parties on three consecutive nights to impress Robin, who he just met. And that’s another big mystery, the end of the Something Old episode, as well as the promo for the finale seems to hint that Ted is going to make one last play on Robin. How will that dynamic play into the episode?

I’ve also got a bit of my own theory, or at least one that I subscribe to. We, and Ted, have already met the mother, we just don’t know it yet. Think back, all the way back to 2005. Barney and Ted go to a St. Patrick’s Day Party and it’s later revealed that the mother is also at this party. If you recall, Ted randomly bumps into a woman, who the internet has named Bump Girl (creative huh?) Could be nothing, but the show spent an awful lot of time with the camera hovering on her and the two looking at each other. Is this the mother? It would be a HIMYM type move to try to swerve us like that.

All of these questions will at least hopefully be answered this Monday Night on CBS. What do you think is going to happen?

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