I watch you sleep.



A team of researchers at the Animal Reproduction Institute of Uruguay of created one hell of a night light — a sheep that glows in the dark. The sheep was given the unique characteristics by splicing in a peptide commonly known as green fluorescent protein, or “GFP.”  GFP, which was first extracted from jellyfish is most commonly used in Biotech studies to isolate expressed molecules. It’s been such a valuable tool that the researchers who developed it were awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 2008.

So the sheep. They were born in October and posses all of the characteristics of normal sheep..but, you know…they glow. Though the original experiment of adding the GFP to the sheep was done so just to show that they can do it (no, really), the research team hopes that further research can help aid them in creating cures and treatments for people with endocrine disorders.

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