Codemasters is continuing the cycle of their racing franchises by bringing out the first sequel for their 2008 reboot of TOCA: Racedriver, GRID.

I played a bit of the title at PAX East this year and was impressed by the balance struck between simulation and arcade style racing. The cars felt distinguishable between each other but the racing was not as unforgivable as in the last game. It seems you are less likely to lock your breaks this time around in favor of making awesome drifts when the time calls for it. What did stand out he most, however, was the intensity of the races, with debris flying around, AI cars fighting aggressively for positioning, and a sense of speed that few games have been able to capture.

The trailer above shows off the new mulitplayer offering for the series. Codemasters is trying to emulate the success of Autolog in the Need For Speed franchise with Codemasters Racenet, a muliplayer stattracking hub.  If it comes out the box as polished as Autolog was, then it will be a welcomed addition to GRID 2.

GRID 2 hits stores shelves on May 28th.

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