imagesHave you had your computer for a decade? It is likely that you have upgraded or completely switched computers in that time. Because of how fast technology changes, the hardware that keeps your computer relevant also changes. In addition, the things you can do with laptops today were unthinkable ten years ago.

Take Your Project From one Computer to Another

You aren’t always at the same computer. In the past, it was always a pain to get things from one computer to another. And if you forgot something, you were out of luck. However, today you can sync different devices to the same cloud server. This means that no matter what device you are using, you can always have your files available.

Talk to Friends and Family Anywhere with Skype

Ten years ago you could talk to anyone you wanted to simply by picking up the phone and calling them. However, today, you can talk to them on your computer. And when you learn how to Skype, you can talk to them in a variety of ways. Video chat was a thing of science fiction a decade ago, but today it is easy to see the people you talk to when you use your computer.

Twitter With the Astronauts – Yes, the Ones in Space

Are you interested in what happens outside of our world? If you are, just talk to the NASA astronauts via their Twitter page! You can literally talk to the people who are currently living in the space station and get updated on all the details from their trip. Who knew laptops could take you out of this world?

Battery Power is a Life Saver

With new advances in technology, you can stay on your laptop longer. Whether you forgot the charger or you simply don’t have the option to plug it in, the laptop is fine. You can generally last about 4-6 hours on one charge, depending on the laptop and the age of the battery.

Carry Around Hundreds of Books

If you are an avid reader, you don’t need to carry around a backpack full of paperbacks any longer. Instead, just load up your laptop with digital versions of your favorite books. There are a variety of formats you can get books in, such as .mobi and ePub. Though not all books are available digitally, the majority are.

Play Intense Games

Do the games you play take a toll on your computer? Do they require a lot of processing power and a video card that is more expensive than your car? Laptops today can run these kind of games. Video cards these days are smaller and more powerful and are now being added to laptops. Gamers everywhere are now able to play their games on devices other than a ‘gaming desktop.’ Now you don’t have to leave behind your games when you go on vacation. So thanks to modern-day technology you now have that option!

There are so many things we can do today that weren’t even dreams ten years ago. And just think, in another ten years the advances of today will seem like nothing!

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  1. Leslie

    Wow…so incredible what the tech world has done in the last 10 years. Makes me very curious to see what will be different come 2023.

  2. Joseph Stark

    Skype is definitely one of my favorite new features. It comes in handy when you’re abroad. Thanks for posting!


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