PAXEast2013LogoI have to admit that although I really enjoyed chatting with developers and getting to see games long before they’re released, my favorite part of PAX East would have to be the creation of this video, the last in our PAX East 2013 video series. While making it, I got the chance to hang with the most dedicated of fans, the cosplayers.

Always happy to pose for pictures or strike up a conversation about video games with a stranger, these wardrobe warriors are the personification of the PAX East atmosphere. Their presence both delights the eye, and subtly lets everyone know that regardless of their age, race, religion or any other attribute so often used to divide, they are now among like-minded people.  They are among friends.

I’d like to thank all those cosplayers who took time out of their PAX to put up with our nonsense and answer our silly questions.  Especially Clare Costigan (a.k.a The Vixen Gamer), Carrie Wink of, and Johnny Ruckus from The Ghostbusters of New Hampshire.  You guys were all great sports and we can’t wait to see you again next year.  Continue being awesome!


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