What’s that, you ask? What’s the best thing about PAX East? Well, I’ll tell you. While getting to play video games before they’re released is pretty awesome, PAX East just wouldn’t be the same without the cosplayers.

While this year’s PAX East may have lacked many AAA titles, there was definitely no shortage of the visually spectacular thanks to the cosplayers. These wonderfully dedicated fans, some of whom traveled all the way from Australia, definitely brought their “A game” this time around. You couldn’t collect a single StreetPass without seeing at least one or two familiar video game faces. There were more Links, Laras, and Vault Hunters than at which a stick could be shaken! The detail these fans pour into their costumes, which sometimes literally take years to create, is truly a sight to behold and always make the atmosphere at PAX East tons of fun. Our own Roger “Waffles” Leone did his best to capture it all for you guys.


(Double click to enlarge.  You’re welcome.)

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