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Forget the mile high club; the newest trend in aviation action is hooking up before you even get off the ground. And as if we needed another reason to love Boston, the Hub’s own Logan International Airport made’s list of the top five airports at which to have a “hot connection.”

After a 60,000-member survey, the Miami-based website ranked Logan in 4th place. New England’s notoriously “bad” winter weather gave Logan an edge, with     blizzards and other poor conditions causing flight delays and cancelations. The site claims that more than 28 million passengers are stuck at Logan each year, and that’s a lot of potential hotties to hook up with. So next time your flight is delayed at Logan, fear not: grab a Sam Adams at one of its numerous restaurants or bars and relax; you just might meet your next fling.

Factors taken into consideration for the rankings were airport size, the number of restaurants, bars and entertainment options, area weather, average Yelp ratings, “extraordinary amenities or rare demographic groups,” and member survey responses to the question, “Which airport do you feel has given you the best opportunity to meet strangers of the opposite sex?”

Orlando International Airport topped the list thanks to its 54 restaurants, bars and social amenities, poor on-time departure record and on-site Hyatt Regency Hotel (hello, a hotel in the terminal practically begs you to have some alone time with that sexy fellow traveler), with Miami International Airport following in 2nd place thanks to its 88 social amenities, restaurants and bars, just plain bad on-time departure rates and huge volume of international passengers. Supermodels, celebrities and lots of international travelers helped Newark International Airport take the No. 3 spot, along with the area’s inconsistent weather patterns. The City of Brotherly Love’s airport, Philadelphia International, came in 5th due to its large size, its 16 bars, seven lounges and 57 restaurants, and its entertainment and amenities (there’s a magic shop in the airport…seriously).

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