8bit Proof LogoInside every man is a beautiful, sensitive, sexy woman just waiting to come out. With the help of some beer and moonshine (yes, actual moonshine), the trash-talking, hard-drinking Boston boys are ready to show their feminine side to the world.  Listen in as we bitch-slap gender roles and embrace our love for what society deems girly. This episode features:

  • An ineffectual game designed to prove our manliness.
  • An very effectual game demonstrating Corey’s knowledge of sports.
  • Individual girly guilty secret confessions.
  • The first official honorary induction into the 8Bit Proof Hall of Game.
  • Shameful and disgusting potty stories.
  • Joe’s intrusive word game.

Prepare for the episode strong enough for a man but PH balanced for a woman. Slip into your salmon colored shirt, grab your Vera Bradley man purse, and don’t be a bitch about it. It’s time to treat your inner lady to a few multiple eargasms.


(WARNING:  Explicit language, NSFW)

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