TERA was an MMORPG praised for its high-quality graphics, unique character classes, and non-targeting combat system. It also won a handful of awards including “Best of E3”, but chances are, you’ve never played it. The game ran on a membership-based system and was overshadowed by more popular titles like World of Warcraft and EVE Online, preventing it from reaching a wider audience. To bring in more players, the game recently changed to a free-to-play title and changed its name to TERA Rising, offering plenty of new quests and missions, all free of charge.

Arkai_maskTo celebrate its launch, we’re giving away codes for some premium in-game items! Three winners will receive their own Arkai Mask giving your character the appearance of the feathery Arkai birds seen in the game. All you have to do to snag yourself a code is post a comment below letting us know what’s one thing you love about MMO games.

Let us know, and we will randomly pick 3 winners on Monday February 18 at 8 PM EST. Codes will be emailed, so forget to include your email in your reply. Don’t forget to download TERA Rising and experience the full game free of charge.

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  1. Essam

    The gameplay involves more player skill. The leveling system is also pretty easy to understand

  2. Jon Herber

    I love guilds in mmo’s, it’s a easy way to build a big family or a group of friends per-say. The Community in Tera is very nice and helpful and talkative. Having friends in tera is a must and also is very fun


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