The Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf games have always given golf fans a way to get closer to the game they love. With each installment gamers get usually one big change and maybe a few minor details. But much like Tiger Woods getting his game back, EA Sports hopes to prove they’re also at the top of their game.

In last year’s title, gamers got to play through the life of Tiger Woods. In PGA Tour 14 EA Sports is back at it adding historic courses, classic attire, and equipment from bygone eras as you travel through time to take on the greatest moments in golf’s rich history. To build on the historic nature of golf, you’ll be able to play as or against 20 pros. Play 18 holes with legends like Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer, and of course, today’s greatest like Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, and Bubba Watson.

PGA Tour 14 is also adding a live weather feed with new time of day settings on every course, and get excited–night golf! Other features include a complete LPGA Tour playthrough, more accurate ball tracking specs, and modes to play golf with people all over the world.

One thing lacking in previous Tiger Woods games was lack of courses. With PGA Tour 14 there is no need to worry as 20 Championship courses will be included on disc. And for the first time in video game history, play for a Grand Slam. All four historic Majors are featured in the game. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 seems to be heading in the right direction by giving every gaming golfer what they would want. We will have to wait and see if it fully delivers when it is released on March 26 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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