Dead Space 3 is out today and brings with it a brand new horror-ridden world to explore, its own crafting system, and all new co-op modes. Visceral Games also announced that it is releasing a download pack for the game in March that will bring some of the “most disturbing content” ever released in a Dead Space game.

Sounds like something you might want to win? We think so.

0204_ds_boxartAll you have to do to snag yourself a copy of Dead Space 3 is reply to this post with one thing you’re looking forward to most about the game. Is it the cool drop-in-drop-out online and local co-op modes? What about the whole new world of Tau Volantis you can explore? Or maybe you’re just looking forward to the thrills and chills the franchise is known for?

Let us know, and we will pick a winner by Wednesday 8 PM EST. The lucky winner will be chosen at random. We’ll send out an email to confirm platform preference and mailing address, so don’t forget to include your email when commenting!

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28 Responses

  1. dzking

    I am most looking forward to see how the story progresses, along with the new gameplay features that for years has made this such a successful franchise. I also hope its even scarier then deadspace 2.

  2. A Parker (@DontJudgeMyADD)

    I just love Visceral and the dead space franchise in general, so I’m most excited for more Dead Space action and if it’s bigger and badder than ever, woo!

    Email is my twitter handle (dontjudgemyadd) at gmail dot com.


  3. Jackie Hogan

    It’s hard to choose between the enemy stomping and the option to use the kinect.

  4. Roberto rodriguez

    I am looking forward to the graphics of the game and the story line.

  5. Benjeezy

    I’m most looking forward to the weapon customization in Dead Space 3! I like the ability to approach situations in multiple ways, and that’s exactly what the customization allows me to do! Should I heat things up with my flamethrowing Plasma Cutter, or wade into battle with the SMG I can swing like a hammer?

  6. thegreatbinge

    I wanna be so scared my unborn children will be afraid of the dark.

  7. Danny Ven

    What I’m looking forward to the most about Dead Space 3 is creating your own weapons. From different weapons comes with different ways to play, so that can keep things fresh.

  8. Derek

    Definitely am excited to see how the story progresses and the online co-op!! E mail is d.luxxe at

  9. Mauricio Zuniga

    Didnt realize I had to publicly post my email until I saw everyone else doing so. inthamouthofmadness @ gmail. com. Dont want to risk hurting my chances!

  10. Brodie

    I would have to say the Co-op looks the most exciting, although it may not make the game seem as tense it does look like a lot of fun!

  11. Juan Sanchez

    I’m looking forward to killing Necromorphs again! Also being able to find Peng

  12. Laura R.

    I’m looking forward to the co-op, but I’m really curious about weapon customization. Oh what fun it will be running around in the dark with my own beast!

    reverethenerdgirl at gmail dot com

  13. JD B.

    Really looking forward to being scared out of my mind and jumping at the smallest sound. Also looking forward to seeing how the story ends. Thanks for the chance.

  14. The Organ Miner

    I’ve always been fascinated by item crafting systems in video games and the inclusion of such a system here has got me looking forward to playing it.

    My email address is [email protected], and I’d like the game for the PS3.