Nintendo today announced plans to bring the Virtual Console to Wii U this Spring. Starting in April, users will be able to download SNES and NES games to their consoles.

NES games will range from $4.99 – $5.99 and SNES games will be $7.99 – $8.99. Users, who have previously downloaded games to their Wii consoles and transferred them to their Wii U, can redownload NES games for $1 and SNES games for $1.50. These enhanced versions will offer Miiverse capabilities and the option to play them entirely on the GamePad.

To celebrate the Famicon’s 30th anniversary, each month starting now through July Nintendo is offering selected Virtual Console games for just $.30. These include Balloon Fight in January, F-Zero in February, Punch Out! Featuring Mr. Dream in March, Kirby’s Adventure in April, Super Metroid in May, Yoshi in June, and Donkey Kong in July.

Additionally, Nintendo announced two system updates coming this year to Wii U and Miiverse improving loading times and adding additional Miiverse community options. Miiverse will also soon be available via smartphones and PC. A dedicated Miiverse app is also planned, but no further details were given.

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