8bit Proof Logo2012 is over, and although we are balls deep into 2013, we still have a long way to go before the year is out. So join us on a charmingly inebriated audio journey as we present what’s in store for the remaining 94.3% (I’m pretty sure that math is right) of this year. This episode features:

  • A new and obnoxiously loud (sorry, we’ll fix it before next episode) soundboard.
  • A Schwarzenegger titled game that puts everyone’s knowledge of the game industry to the test.
  • Our most anticipated of 2013.
  • Predictions for 2013 regarding games, consoles, movies, and death.
  • Corey’s Pax East 2012 confession.
  • Roger’s angry listener tongue-lashing.

Don’t think that surviving Y2K and the end of the Mayan calendar means you’re safe. What happens when they team up and come back? This fantastically absurd duo would wreck havoc the likes of which could only be stopped by four drunk Boston geeks with microphones. So, come with us if you want to live. We’ll make sure your 2013 will be nothing but red meat & titties.

You know what else is red meat & titties? Listener feedback! Make us feel loved (or at least pacify our need for attention) by joining in on the conversation via Facebook, Twitter, or in the comment section below.  Listener responses are always welcome and will be read on the air!


(WARNING:  Explicit language, NSFW)

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