Throughout the recent green revolution taking place to wipe the planet of our carbon footprint, major companies are taking measures to reduce waste and aid the environment. Among these, Google has joined a coalition promoting a “Paperless 2013.” Joined by Hellofax, Manilla, HelloSign, Expensify, Xero and Fujitsu, they aim to go paperless in the new year and encourage others to follow suit.

paperlessThe website allows companies to join in the effort and provides resources for those interested. Among these resources is the increase in hard disk recovery needs as there are fewer paper records to fall back on. Services such as Google Drive and Amazon Cloud storage are other creative means to reduce paper waste in the year and keep the company efficient. Nonetheless, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average US office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year. This comes close to 400lb of paper per worker. Just two years ago, the amount of paper recovered for recycling averaged 334 pounds for each person living in the U.S, according to the American Forest and Paper Association. Either way, even recycling paper costs a huge amount of energy, and simply going paperless can greatly help the growth and healing in the environment.

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