content_marketing_opi_photo432912-19-2012The world is most likely not ending, but 2012 is just about over, and should we make it past the Mayan’s prediction, we’re in for some pretty cool things for 2013. From spacecraft to technology to the next generation of game consoles, we can expect a lot from the next calendar year. 2012 brought us a lot of cool things including the landing of Curiosity on Mars and the possible discover of the “God particle” but 2013 will bring some much cooler and more exciting things than even 2012 did. If you’re over this year already, and looking forward to the next, check out these exciting new things and technologies that you can look forward to in 2013.

Gaia Spacecraft 

Everybody knows the importance that space exploration has for the future of the human race. The Gaia Spacecraft is expected to launch in October 2013. Short for Global Astrometric Interferometer for Astrophysics, the Gaia mission is expected to more accurately read the distances and positions of stars, look for thousands of more planetary systems, test the theory of relativity, and do many other astronomical things. Over its five-year mission, the Gaia spacecraft is expected to map more than one billion stars in our galaxy, using its billion-pixel camera.

Switch from Cable Internet

As WiMax technologies become more and more affordable and available, expect massive amounts of consumers to start switching from cable Internet to 4G mobile broadband coverage. As consumers opt to switch to clear Internet service, cable Internet companies will struggle to survive. The benefits of WiMax technologies greatly outnumber those of cable Internet, one of the biggest being that it’s possible to essentially take your Internet with you wherever you go. As prices continue to drop, expect mobile broadband usage to soar through the roof.

Flexible Screens

The technology is here, and expect it to start appearing in your home and in your hands in 2013. Flexible LCD screens will start to enter the smart phone and tablet markets, introducing whole new ways to experience these devices. You could twist your phone to read a text, for example, or install a TV in your room that wraps around you. Flexible screens are film-based, and could revolutionize gadgets that could benefit big time from having flexibility. The technology has been around for a while, but it’s finally affordable enough to mass-produce.

Next Generation Gaming

The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 have been around much longer than industry experts predicted, and expect them to get an upgrade in the next year. While little is known about the next generation of game systems, we’re already starting to see next-gen gaming appear. The Wii U, for example, jumped the ship and was released before 2012 even came to a close. Expect these new gaming systems to heavily incorporate 3D technology, while furthering the use of motion detection as seen in late 2011. Graphics will also be more powerful, and next gen consoles will further blur the line between reality and virtual reality.

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