You can’t keep a secret on the internet, especially if that secret involves the next iteration of DLC for Bethesda’s critically acclaimed Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Clues regarding the contents of the DLC may have unintentionally slipped when Skyrim Patch 1.8 was released yesterday on PC.

After pouring over the lines of code, internet sleuths discovered several interesting tidbits.  Lines were found that indicate that the DLC will be called Dragonborn.  While this term is thrown around quite often throughout Skyrim, it is notable that Bethesda did trademark the term approximately 5 months ago.  Multiple lines were also found that refer to the areas in and around the Nord Colony known as Solstheim, from in the Morrowind expansion, Bloodmoon.  Most exciting of all however is the line that directly refers to riding dragons!

Look closely. That highlighted bit of code clearly mentions casting spells while riding a dragon!

While Bethesda hasn’t officially released details regarding the upcoming DLC and have yet to comment publically on this issue, let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll soon be able to cruise around Skyrim like Atreyu and Falcor.

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  1. Daryl

    Anyone else notice the line in code that says, “you have zero chance to hit”? Sounds extremely familiar to Fallout’s VATS system. That wasn’t even mentioned!


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