Orgarhythm is XSEED’s upcoming PS Vita title that blends elements from rhythm and music games with real-time strategy mechanics to give players a unique experience. Playing as the God of Light, you must lead your band of warriors to victory against the evil forces of the God of Darkness through rhythm-based attacks all to the beat of an eclectic soundtrack. Rhythm essentially becomes your weapon.

Different attacks occur on different beats, and each unit type is based on one of the three elements of Earth, Water and Fire. Players must choose how to effectively deploy their forces while keeping beat with the music. Players use three taps to choose the unit and attack type, then a swipe of the finger across the screen to choose position and formation. Using the same interface mechanic, players can also unleash their divine powers to boost attack, defense and healing, or slow down enemy troops. The game will feature both local versus and co-op modes as well.

Orgarhythm will become available via the PlayStation Store on October 23.

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