Christmas might be around the corner for gamers and geeks. A recent email sent to GameStop managers outlined announcements planned for the next week, and a few events stood out.

The following excerpt from said email shows an iPhone 5 announcement on Wednesday Sept. 12 and a “Nintendo Announcement” scheduled for Thursday Sept. 13. Though it could be no more than speculation, it is not too far to think that the announcements equate a release date for both the Wii U and the next iPhone.

A GameStop insider is letting us know that managers have been told that they will begin accepting Wii U pre-orders on Thursday, leaving little to the imagination that the announcement will be a possible release date and pricing for the highly anticipated system. Kotaku previously reported leaked SKU’s (stock keeping units) from a foreign website, pricing Nintendo’s new system at $250, $300, and $350. Seeing how all current generation systems, except for Nintendo systems, have been released with multiple price points depending on the features packed inside, it would be interesting to see Nintendo release the Wii U at different prices.

Of note as well, the GameStop insider has told us that stores have been experiencing a shortage of PlayStation 3’s in the past couple of weeks, and no new ones are in shipment. Last time this happened, the Slimline version of the PlayStation 3 was released. While it may only be further speculation, don’t be surprised to see Sony combat Nintendo’s announcement with one of their own.

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