The whiskey-soaked, Boston area video game podcast you have searched for your entire life has finally arrived. Tune into the official pilot episode of 8bit Proof, featuring everyone’s favorite group of drunken Boston miscreants: Corey, Roger, Susi, and Joey D.  This episode’s segments include:

–          Joey D’s punishing, alcohol-fueled pixeltarded drinking game

–          Battle of the excited Youtube narrators

–          Questions Under the Influence

–          Roger’s 90s nostalgia-inspired FMK.

After cramming all of this amazing nonsense through your head holes and into your gray matter, leave us a comment to let us know, for better or worse, how it changed your life.  The most outstanding comments will be read live during the next episode, and every commenter will be eligible to win stupidly fantastic prizes.

Missing out on this historical moment would be like punching a puppy in the face.  Seriously, who would want to do that?  Puppies are awesome.

Do you want to win yourself code to access the PlayStation Allstars beta?  Of course you do!  All you have to do is tweet a link to this episode with hashtag #8bitProofEp01, or just retweet @8bitProof’s tweet regarding this episode.  The winner will be announced live during episode 2!

Lay back, take a deep breath, and just go with it, Internet.  This is going to hurt you more than it’s going to hurt us.

(To download, right click the play button and save audio as.)

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5 Responses

  1. Roger

    This is like the first print of the walking dead #1. In a couple of years this podcast will be worth 97% more bits than it is now!

  2. Robert Pelletier

    Great job guys!! Keep it coming my only favor is that you guys start drinking much more before you start so you guiys are completly fucked up!

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