Hot on the heels of Gamescom, EA’s PopCap Games announced today that a sequel is in the works for their immensely popular title, Plants vs. Zombies. Few specific details were given with the announcement, however PopCap did indicate that aside from new Zombie and Plant types, the sequel will also include new features, settings, and situations.

Initially launched in 2009 for PC and Mac, PopCap’s tower defense game became an instant cult classic. After receiving wide praise from critics for both its addictive gameplay and charming musical score, Plants vs. Zombies eventually saw a release on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Nintendo DS, DSiWare, PlayStation Vita, Windows Phone, Android, and iOs. Considered to be PopCap’s fastest selling game, Plants vs. Zombies generated approximately $1 million in just over a week after appearing in the iOs App Store.

Although no actual game title or release date were cited in the announcement, the Plants vs Zombies sequel is tentatively scheduled for release in spring of 2013.

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