A friend recently emailed me asking about the significance of the “day date.” What does it mean? Does it signal that a guy is more interested in you? Tune in below to hear my thoughts.

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  • 30 seconds: What are women very good at doing that ultimately drives them batshit crazy? Tune in.
  • 58 seconds: A day date can be a good sign. Tune in to hear why.
  • 1:10: BUT…as I always say when it comes to dating and relationships, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Tune in to hear more.
  • 1:20: Pay less attention to any significance you ascribe to the “day date” and pay more attention to his post-date actions and behaviors. Because, like most things in dating, you just don’t know the meaning behind things. So don’t analyze and dream up all sorts of reasons for why he asked you on a day date. Focus more on his post-date actions. (This is assuming you’re interested in a relationship; otherwise, you probably wouldn’t care all that much.)

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6 Responses

  1. Suzie

    Actually, I like “day dates” because they are less pressure and makes me feel he is actually thinking of me during the day and not just as a “night activity”. I agree not to over analyze or over think it … just enjoy and treat it like any other date. Thanks Neely for yet another great post!!

  2. Ms. Cheevious

    A date is a date is a date, in my opinion. If he’s a good guy he’ll “mean it” for any time of day – and he won’t play games. But guys don’t really put too much thought into these things…

  3. Seven Dates a Week

    I love “day dates” because they’re non-traditional and can include outdoor and more active things to do! A day date to take a walk in the park, for example, is one of my favorite suggestions. Suzie’s right, too, that day dates take a little pressure off and put things in a slightly less sexual zone than a date to the bar or the club.

    Neely, you’re right when you say that checking on his actions before and after the date will give you the whole picture, and you make a great point when you mention that no one can ever really know what another person is thinking, so don’t overanalyze – I agree completely.

  4. Marrie

    I am with Ms Cheevious! A date, is a date, is a date! The best date I have ever been on was a day date. I think day dates force you to be more “real”. Less make-up, less pretenses, less pressure; it encourages you to get to the heart of matter…are you a good match for each other. Fantastic post and fabulous advice!

  5. Sassy Divorcee

    Day dates are the best! I actually assume he’s taking getting to know me more seriously if he wants to do something during the day. Takes the pressure off too. Beside, I always want to know what they look like in the sober light of day. 🙂


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